Intelligent Financial Planning

Artifex Intelliplan Process

Artifex Intelliplan Process

Our unique process utilizes advanced tools and techniques that are academically proven and enable you to coordinate all aspects of your financial life.  The end result is a financial strategy that is integrated with your lifestyle and personal objectives, no matter what stage of life you are in.  Our goal is to provide you with a plan that is objective, comprehensive,  and that streamlines your financial life.

If you are a business or professional practice owner, you may also be interested in the Artifex Business Intelliplan, which includes the following:

  • An initial business valuation that is updated annually and incorporated into your personal financial plan.
  • A personal / family Intelliplan
  • Business 401 (k) or pension strategies that help you maximize your personal wealth.
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Your customized financial strategy may include:

  • Retirement Planning - Asset sufficiency, funding, distribution, location and tax reduction. Social Security & pension maximization strategies.
  • Education Planning - Understanding the various options, financial aid, college choices.
  • Insurance & Risk Management - Review, competitive quotes, determining the appropriate amount and type of coverage.
  • Estate Planning - Tax and probate cost minimization, asset protection, distribution and coordination
  • Charitable - Personal or public foundation establishment, management and funding.
  • Goal Setting - Developing personal and financial goals for yourself, your business and your family.
  • Cash management - Establishing practices and procedures to most effectively handle necessary distributions pre and post-retirement.
  • Investment Strategy and Management - Creating and managing your various assets and accounts in a cost-effective, efficient manner.
  • Tax Services - We integrate comprehensive tax planning and preparation for the majority of our clients. This is an often-overlooked component of financial planning and one where real opportunities can be uncovered for cost savings and wealth enhancement.

Artifex Financial has been helping families and business owners since 2007 to intelligently understand, coordinate and maximize their assets. Total net worth management, practiced in an intelligent way, has always been our focus.

The creation of an effective financial strategy is a result of an intelligent and robust process. We believe there is simply no substitute for diligence, testing, and re-testing various scenarios and solutions that are customized to each client's goals, resources, and characteristics, as well as general economic conditions. Artifex Financial Group's unique 6-step process ensures that your plan will be durable and specific to your needs.

We evaluate several components for a comprehensive wealth and / or retirement strategy:

  • Personal values, goals and priorities
  • Short, intermediate, and long-range projections, as well as multiple scenarios.
  • Social Security maximization and other sources of income.
  • Income maximization testing.
  • Asset (public and private) portfolio stress-testing, asset location, and tax strategies.
  • Portfolio construction and management using the latest academic / scientific research.

The end result is a comprehensive plan that is integrated with all of your financial resources that will provide you comfort and confidence for the future.

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