Our Models in a Nutshell

The quote above by Warren Buffett is one of many valuable tidbits shared by him over the years. The majority of his quotes, speeches, and annual letters to shareholders emphasize a common theme:

  1. Value investing (buying investments when they are priced below their "real" value, or at a reasonable valuation) will do better than growth (momentum) investing over time.
  2. Thoroughly understand what you invest in.
  3. Diversify.
  4. Keep costs as low as possible.
  5. Keep it simple...don't fall for complicated products, or companies to invest in.
  6. Stay disciplined.
  7. Be a contrarian...don't follow the crowd.  Follow your plan.

We would add that given today's unusual economic and global political environment, you should be aware of opportunities and threats among the various asset classes and try to maximize your returns by avoiding large and prolonged declines in any market.  It's too easy for investors and their advisors to rely on theories which may not be proven in the long run.  

Our process and investment models strive to adhere to these tenets.  

We stay focused, buy what we know, stay diversified, buy good values, and make adjustments to our allocations when necessary.  



Risk and Return Profiles

The chart below summarizes the expected return and volatility of our 5 standard Wealth Club Models when "normally" positioned. That is, when they are fully allocated to each asset class within the portfolio. If we made no tactical adjustments over time, these would be our expected results (no guarantees in the investing world, remember).  What you have to remember is that a portfolio can experience a lot of fluctuation in the short-to-intermediate term, and while that works FOR someone who has a long timeframe, it can work against someone who is more conservative, or has a shorter investment horizon.

So, our "risk-managed' tactical adjustments will make changes to the normal asset class allocations periodically to help minimize downside risk and enhance positive performance (you'll learn more about this in our Wealth Club Basic Curriculum course on this subject).




Detailed Model Information

Click on a model description below to download the Morningstar hypothetical report:

Conservative Model

Moderately Conservative Model

Balanced Model

Moderately Aggressive Model

Aggressive Model


Riakalyze Risk Report

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