Our Mission for Corporate Retirement Plans and Institutional Money Management

We provide an institutional consulting philosophy and process through and open architectural platform, which enables us to deliver advice and solutions that are independent and objective, with uncompromised flexibility, while providing fiduciaries the ability to prudently discharge their fiduciary responsibility and gain the most from their organizations managed assets.

About our Institutional Consulting Group

We provide institutional investment consulting to small and medium sized organizations.

We serve as a named fiduciary to organizations that engage our Institutional Consulting Group as an Investment Consultant.

Our philosophy is the foundation upon which we add value, establish a commitment, and build confidence with fiduciaries and the organizations we serve.

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Our process is prudent, comprehensive and consistent, which gives organizations the personal and professional attention necessary to realize their goals and objectives.

Artifex’s Institutional Consulting Group is committed to providing independent, objective, innovative and dynamic solutions that enable fiduciaries to make prudently sound and economically informed decisions related to the disposition of their organizations professionally managed assets.

We adhere to a strict policy emphasizing open architecture and independence. Our advice and solutions are independent, objective and innovative, which means we are not limited, restricted, or influenced by money managers, mutual fund companies, broker-dealers and/or other financial institutions.

The key advantage of our open architectural platform is our independence, which allows for greater flexibility and choices among investments, custodians, vendors, solutions and design leading to a higher degree of customization and transparent fee disclosure.

Our Institutional Asset Management & Consulting philosophy and process addresses an organization’s unique needs and requirements.

This enables us to navigate clients through an ever changing and more complex financial environment, due to the proliferation of new regulations, managers, strategies, financial instruments, increased market volatility, and globalization of economies.


We separate the business of giving 
advice from the selling of propriety products.

At Artifex ICG, we understand that no single solution is right for every scenario. Our advice and solutions are un-conflicted, unbiased and uncompromised. Our services, consultative approach, prudent process and client relationships are tailored to meet a fiduciary’s responsibility to the organizations they serve.

Our Investment Philosophy & Process is built on a foundation incorporating the following Principal Attributes:
     1. Open Architecture
      2. Independence
      3. Objectivity
      4. Innovation
      5. Prudence
      6. Fiduciary Oversight
      7. Expense Transparency & Reduction
      8. Excellent Service

Our clients expect outstanding professionalism, responsiveness, and comprehensive communications. We strive to exceed their expectations.

Our Philosophy and Process provides organizations and fiduciaries greater flexibility and customization among custodians, investments, investment strategies, portfolio design, risk management, expense controls and reporting.

It is our core belief that by improving investment performance, reducing risk, fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities and improving investment knowledge, we are able to enhance an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness with respect to an organizations professionally managed assets.


Our Process is regimented, disciplined and comprehensive.

The foundation to our investment process is prudence, which is managed with well-defined objectives and dedication to a time-tested investment process also used by some of the largest institutional consulting firms and organizations in the country.

This process is the foundation that drives all our activities – investment analysis, advice, solutions, recommendations and ongoing monitoring. Our process is comprehensive and consistently applied. The design is for those fiduciaries charged with the responsibility of supervising their organization’s institutional investments and routinely make significant decisions related to the disposition of their organization’s professionally managed assets.

Investing prudently is a process, not a performance guarantee.

Actively Managed Portfolios

Artifex’s Institutional Consulting Group takes portfolio management to an even higher level of sophistication by incorporating active portfolio management to an organizations professionally managed assets.

Our active portfolio management overlay is a feature designed to take advantage of capital market assumptions, fundamental research and market dynamics.  This level of expertise has typically been provided to only the largest institutional entities across the country.  .

Our Institutional Consulting Group puts the expertise of active portfolio management to work for organizations.  This active asset allocation overlay allows us to opportunistically overweight or underweight portfolio’s assets across investment classes and styles based upon our research and analysis.

These two qualities are essential for an organizations professionally managed assets to participate in an investment process that seeks to reduce risk, increase returns and comply with attributes set-forth in an IPS, yet they’re not always incorporated.

“For us, experience represents an enduring commitment to a rigorous institutional investment process that has been tested, and proven, through complete market cycles.”

Benefits Of Our Service

  • Access to over 12,000 mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF’s)
  • Personalized fund selection and investment management
  • A modern, transparent, and flexible investment platform
  • Advice provided by Fee-Only Fiduciary Advisors
  • Custom portfolio models
  • Proactive investment selection and monitoring
  • Customized plan design and consultation
  • Absence of conflicts-of-interest
  • Meets the stringent criteria of the Pension Protection Act